Friday, 1 November 2013

Winter Warmers

The sewing machine has been working at full tilt, though not as much on Winter wearables as on Winter Warmers, AKA some hand crafted hot water bottle covers! Now I do love my home comforts, but these are not all for me! I am in excited preparation for the above exhibition, in which I am taking part with 7 other artists of different mediums, including ceramics and sculpture. I am primarily exhibiting and selling a selection of my framed photographs, but of course could not participate without including something of the sewn variety - so, the season called for cosy hottie covers! 
I sourced a super soft, non-pilling fleece - perfect for warming chilly toes or even propping behind a tired back after raking leaves! The rest was a bit of an organic process, deciding what applique motifs would work best, without being so labour intensive that they fought with the speedy production line I rather ambitiously had in mind ! Then, with a little digging around in the depths of my sewing box, Swarovski crystal beads became bird's eyes, grosgrain ribbon an embellishment for the overlapping fabric on the back of the cover and I also decided that everyone deserves a Winter scarf, even a hot water bottle! So little heart and flower shaped buttons became the finishing touch here. You may also recognise the purple, floral fabric from its other incarnation as a dress! (Nothing wasted!)

Also, on offer will be some red and purple, velvet brooches, Perfect for securing a scarf or wrap on a blustery day, or as a fun embellishment to a Winter coat!
Oh and why not, I know it's a sewing blog, but herewith a sneak preview of some of the wall-ready, framed prints I will have on offer too ;o)

Hope to see some of you there !
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