Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sew Successful ;o)

What an amazing week ! Last Saturday saw the close of the St Dunstan's Artists exhibition. It was an inspiration to be a part of - not least in the admiration of other exhibitor's talents in the fields of ceramics, calligraphy and sculpture, (to name a few), but also a joy speaking to visitors and being involved in something so positive and creative! It also got me away from behind the sewing machine and the laptop for at least part of the week !
Of my framed prints, books and hot water bottle covers, it was the hotties that were the outright forerunner. Ironic given that the photography had been the main purpose of joining the event and including something of a home-sewn nature had been a bit of an after thought ! There were interested viewers of the prints (which perhaps on reflection I had displayed more as 'exhibits' than available to purchase) and some copies of my books were also purchased, with another copy bid for and won in the Silent Auction in aid of the hospice, even better. However, it was the hottie covers that seemed to sing people's name as they came towards the table and there was a gratifying amount of fleece stroking and purrs of interest along with the sales. 
On the Friday I was running off more hotties in a hurry and found myself still in PJ's behind the machine at midday (did I just admit to that ?!)
So, having perfected my hottie cover 'prototype', (after a few trial runs and one hot water bottle that simple refused to slip into its new cover - the early stages!), I now have my dream template and button, ribbon and applique embellishments down to a tee...and I don't want it to stop there ! So, the production line remains open and I have been taking orders as Christmas gifts  - and gifts to self, through Facebook and email.
There are three different motifs, a bird with sparkly Swarovski crystal eye, a Scottie dog, or a heart and I currently have super soft, non-pilling fleece in a Christmassy silver grey or sumptuous purple. All £15 each.
So, if you have someone special that deserves a bit of extra cosiness and comfort this Winter, (that includes yourself !) or you want an excuse to avoid the annual pavement pounding with the Christmas shoppers, then place your order! 
Every hottie cover is made with love and with a smile (and under the watchful eye of two attentive feline assistants, Ruby & Betty)
Please contact me by leaving a comment or email with your order and choice of colour and motif.

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