Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fabric Pairing

If there is something about shopping for fabric that makes it so much easier than going out hunting for the perfect pair of Winter boots, (or whatever it may be), it is that I know what I like when I see it, usually with that reassuring certainty of THAT is the fabric I need right now ! My most recent purchase along these lines was a fabric in fact designed for home decor and furnishing. However, for my purposes, it made the perfect, heavier weight fabric for Winter wear and I made the following...!
Having bought this gorgeously bold, grey floral, I quickly decided ~having already laid my eyes on some grey velvets in Berwick Street, that I would partner it with a different texture in a complimentary tone as a band at the bottom of the dress. I settled on the darker of the grey velvets I had found and love the combination of the two together.
The pattern I used was New Look 6022 and classed as 'EASY'. I was in need of an 'instant gratification' make at the time and running a bit short on time, so it fitted the bill perfectly! The only bit I changed (yes, I know, getting to be a bit of a habit), was that in adding the velvet panel at the bottom, I cut it as a more A Line shape than the pattern, which itself is more of a straight up and down affair. I wanted to give the velvet a bit of 'flare' at the bottom in all senses!
The usual challenge of pairing two very different fabrics applied of course ! There were moments attaching the velvet panel to the rest of the dress, where it felt as though the two fabrics were moving in different directions under the needle ! An extra cup of tea, deep breath and taking it slowly made the difference ;o)
I love a gathered sleeve and so also snuck in an extra one in the top of the sleeve for good measure. These work beautifully in a heavier weight fabric in holding their own shape. 
The pleats on the neckline are another pretty feature of this pattern, but fairly shallow. My toile version also revealed a rather wide and baggy neck, so this offered the perfect opportunity to make the gathers a bit deeper and draw in the neckline a little.
All in all a pleasing result and a pleasure to play with pairing different fabrics and create a happy union with some sumptuous velvet - always a winner!

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