Sunday, 4 August 2013

The finished Article !

It feels a while since my dreamy pondering through the window of Jigsaw, Argyll St.! However, with those meanderings as my source of inspiration, I now have the dress of my imaginings and in the fabric of my dreams. Oh, and the sleeves got to stay!...After some deliberation, an input of votes from my most trusted sewing confraternity and followed by a little hidden, 'nip and tuck', I persuaded the sleeves away from their somewhat regimental, 'stand to attention' look and into a softer capped sleeve that won me over.

Also of some excitement was the creation of three covered buttons, a new experience for me and very little input for a rather gratifying result!
I am also happy with my added pleats in the back and the effect they create...just what I wanted. Having gone to the effort of adapting this pattern to indulge my demands, I think I'll certainly be making it again, perhaps with a few more tweaks based on ideas and 'issues' that cropped up along the way ;o) All that remains otherwise is to wear and enjoy it !
The pattern also includes a little purse. Normally, (don't ask me why), I would shy away from the 'matching bag' look, but I have two special occasions to which this dress will be worn, so I'm thinking I'll go for gold!
Herewith a couple more pics taken by the hubbie ~ given that I dragged him away from important shed business to take them for me.
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