Sunday, 6 October 2013

Finished and Ready for Wear!

It is now October and the leaves on the Sewing Tree are changing, but her work will evolve for Winter, rather than slow down - starting with the completion of a certain mustard yellow dress (in gorgeous sycamore seed fabric!) Yep, that one! Took a little longer than planned to complete the sleeves, put in the zip etc, (been working and playing hard !), but it can now be unveiled !

Having prepared myself for some winter-styled accessories for its first outing, (I even extricated a mustard cardie from the winter clothes box!),the gorgeous weather this weekend meant I got to wear it in 'Summer style' for a bit too ! As you can see, it was also fully 'fit for purpose' with a pair of wellies and a quick stroll in the fields. And for smarter clever sewing friend, Vicky has offered to make me a bespoke clutch bag using the leftovers from my fabric, (nothing wasted) and with a complimentary navy boiled wool. I can feel it in my hand already ! Quite the special, finishing touch to a dress that has me smiling already. Certainly it has helped me on a path to finding ways of making changes to patterns to get exactly what I want.

On which note, as with the decision to use small pleats instead of gathers in my extra panel in the back of the skirt this time, I also chose folds where the pattern had asked for gathers on the top of the sleeve and on the yoke. This seemed to make the sleeves less 'sticky outy' (official dressmaking terminology) than on the previous purple floral version, and were more controllable. What you create with folds is closer to what you get, whereas the gathers always seem to be a bit of a 'moveable feast' !
And check out those cheeky pleats!
Looking forward to 'bringing the yellow' into some Autumnal days ~ in honour of the gorgeous golds and oranges that are starting to appear on the trees.

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  1. Awesome! I'm gonna repost the crap outta this :)

    Aideen xo

  2. Haha! Aideen, your'e fabulous! And thank you ;o)
    Totally love the two dresses you made recently. xx



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