Sunday, 3 July 2016

Summer Dress Time.

I seem to have been on a lengthy quest for a patterned, cotton jersey that I like / feel inspired enough about to make something with - and that is outside of the usual stripes, spots (I have a drawer full of Breton striped jersey tops!). Until a few weeks ago, when I landed upon this gorgeous grey jersey, patterned with fluttering swifts and ordered it almost within the same breath.

Already in hand was Marci Tilton pattern V8975..another chance to indulge my passion for big usable pockets and the end result is one of my happiest makes I think. On a par with the gratification derived from last Summer's florally Lynn Mizono dress, (you can read that post here) and way up there on comfort value with its loose fitting skirt.

As is par for the course with Marci (and Katherine) Tilton patterns, you are faced with a conundrum of several, intriguingly shaped pattern pieces, that only really make sense once you get sewing..and then the magic happens.
I just love the finish of this dress, the great statement pockets, the triangular panel feature at the front and the totally unfussy 'wear'ability' of it. The hemline hangs in two long pointed panels when the dress is finished, with instruction to fold them up underneath and attach to undersides of the pockets inside the dress. In fact (and with lots of helpful input from other 'sewing heads'), I decided that it works better when attached lower and to the seam allowance, still creating a slightly ruched effect, but without compromising the shape. Overall, another winning Marci pattern that I will be making again in the future.
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