Monday, 21 September 2015

Hers and Hers ! (and a sunny Sorbetto top)

Back in the days of July as the Summer was unfolding, I made an equally Summery, floral top for the small girl. It has seen many outings over the Summer and gets a double thumbs up for 'wearability', (you can read that post at Elastic Fantastic) Now that we are in September (and suffice to say the Christmas cards are lining the shelves), I find myself in a partial state of 'season change' denial and decided on one last Summery creation, before the lightweight cottons go back in their box. Who knows, there's talk of an Indian Summer yet and I may even get to wear it this year !

It is a top I had been meaning to try out for a while - and one that the rest of the sewing world it seems, has been blogging and wearing for years. It's the fabulous - and free, Sorbetto top by Colette Patterns. You can download the free pattern here.

Construction wise, it is super simple with a front,back and some bias binding for the neck and arms - and this time I didn't even make the binding, having spied some pre-made that was just the job. Once you get your head around which size to cut, (Colette's sizing guide is helpful), the top goes together in a jiffy. I had a couple of fit issues with the neckline and ended up sneaking in a couple of pleats, but part of the beauty of this pattern is that it is almost a blank canvas for any additional forays with pockets, pleats or embellishments that take your mood! (Colette also have a free Peter Pan collar download on their site which would look great with this top) I added a little lace trim around the bottom of mine, the very same that I used on the Elastic Fantastic top.

And so here we are, in our Hers and Hers tops, me and my Mini Me ;o) (and I really am tickling her under her top to make her smile for the camera!!)

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