Monday, 1 February 2016

Lazy Day Tunic

We all love a lazy day wardrobe staple that can just be thrown over leggings or jeans - and look fabulous with minimal effort. This is mine at the moment, aka Butterick 6101, another Tilton number (Katherine, not Marci this time) It is perfect for minimal thinking time within a busy morning routine and it looks great on. It is comfy, easy to wear and I've had lots of lovely compliments, (and I still get a mini-buzz being able to say I've made something myself) 
This is the second of two I have made, the first my own in a teal, boiled wool and this powder blue is for a friend.
The second run at this was easier than the first, with the benefit of hindsight etc and some adjustments to the pattern instructions which didn't always seem logical. At best, the pattern itself is a bit of a jigsaw and with several pieces, though it is very gratifying when you see how it is all fitting together and making sense. Sometimes the pattern instructions over complicated things I felt...I called on an expert for advice who was in agreement. All in all though it is a really interesting pattern with all the hallmarks of a Tilton design, quirky pockets included - one large enough for a small kitten and the other more of a feature 'sticky-outy pocket' that courted some indecision initially, but it is now loved and approved!
Boiled wool is such a pleasure to wear and sew. I love its reassuring weight as you work with it, using big pins to secure it in place and the un-frayable raw edges create an organic feel that I love, (with the added bonus of time saving of course).
The second time round, I decided against using the same wool to make my bias binding for the neck and armholes which on the first is completely wearable, but a little bulky for my liking. So, with a few moments rummaging in the fabric stash bag, I found I had a perfect off cut for this purpose and it makes for more flexibility and a cute flash of pattern on the inside of the neck and arms.

I'm now looking forward to presenting this one to its intended wearer and getting on with another for myself...I think I'll investigate some soft jersey or a Summer linen for the next instalment.

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