Monday, 5 October 2015

Easy Peasy Skirt...part 2

I love everything about this skirt pattern, not least the clue in the name ! It lends itself to all sorts of variables and is a great 'blank canvas' for additional details such as pockets, or making as full or light a skirt as you choose, (depending on the waist measurement to fabric ratio you choose).

My first easy peasy skirt was the 'Princess and the Pea' fabric version made for my girly in August, you can read this post here : Easy Peasy
Since then I've had the perfect opportunity to make it again, for the occasion of my niece's third birthday. I have had several fabric crushes over the years, but the two I chose for this version really made me smile...hopscotch, skipping, cartwheels and handstands, couldn't be more perfect!
This time I added a contrast panel at the bottom of the skirt and made a simple customisation to a shop bought top, by adding a little patch pocket in a matching fabric. 
I always find it slightly nerve racking making for other people, outside of myself and my own small girl, who is on hand for several fittings and 'try-ons' throughout the process! However, I have photo proof of it being worn and enjoyed already....and perfectly accessorized no less, for its first outdoors preview:
...and what better purpose for the remaining fabric than a matching set for my very own sewing muse:
These cuties modelling their outfits make this skirt one of my most gratifying sewing makes to date ;o)
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