Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vintage in Vogue.

Vogue 2903
It has been an exciting Summer for lovers of all things vintage fashion. With the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen's coronation, has come a celebratory revival of the Fifties, from John Lewis' Summer window display of four prom style dresses revived from 1953 sketches in their archives, to Hampton Court Flower Show's celebration of the Fifties floral and nods a' plenty to an enduring style that continues to epitomise sophisticated charm and elegance. 

Over the last few days, the catwalks of London Fashion Week have also buzzed the Fifties vibe, channelled through the designs of Jasper Conran, Alice Temperly, Emilia Wickstead and others, with elegant Fifties silhouettes and modern twists on vintage style themes. Whether it's a flirty Monroe look or a Stepford Wife (though perhaps less of the 'stay at home'), a mid length dress that you can twirl in, or a pencil skirt to put a wiggle in your walk, the Fifties vibe and modern homages to it, seem to be contagious. Something in its magic makes it timeless, enduringly popular and evidently adaptable to 2013/2014. Perhaps it is simply on account of its uncomplicated, effortlessly feminine shapes. Either way, the catwalks suggest it will be carrying its charm onwards into the heart of Spring/Summer 2014.
Vogue 1019
And to carry us through the Winter in Vintage style?...Perhaps the return of Downton Abbey (and the cinematic revival of 'The Great Gatsby') will see us reaching for our long beads, feather boas and drop waist dresses! And for the avid dressmaker there is a host of exciting patterns out there waiting to bring the Roaring Twenties back to life. My favourite..?...McCalls 4990. (Lady Mary on the left ?)

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