Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Slippers News.

I've so enjoyed making these cuddly, toddler slippers, or 'dippers' as my own little toddler likes to call them ! There is something very reassuring and soul restoring about a creative task in hand over the longest evenings. It has been even more gratifying to be able to interest others in them too and sell a significant number of pairs straight from the sewing table, as well as through my new Etsy shop, From some 0-6 month sizes for babies expected and yet to be born, to 12-18 and 18-24 month sizes for new and confident walkers with special grip sole.

I've loved adding the little embellishments that personalise them that little bit more and matching up new wool felt and lining combinations - as well as taking requests - the mice have been popular !
All thoroughly road tested by the household toddler - if she can chase the cats in them they pass part one!
The Etsy shop is open for continued business, so pay a visit !
In other sewing news, I have also tried out another Tilton pattern - Katherine this time not Marci! Delighted with it.  I am currently making a second. Pictures to follow in next post.

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