Sunday, 22 November 2015


So, the weather has finally taken on a cold snap in the South East and the Sewing Tree's branches are bare. If ever there were a time for passing the Winter evenings with a creative task in hand, it is now...and so, following on from my hottie covers, this year I am making something to warm the tiny toes of the little people ~ cosy, wool felt slippers.

I searched high and low for a pattern I could start from, this was surprisingly difficult..given the universal nature of the slipper! I had in mind a very simple design with a bit of interest and came across a popular 'kimono' style 'wrap over' slipper, just the thing for little feet. They reminded me of a Medieval style leather shoe, functional and wearable without too much 'fuss'. Next was to make a line of ''prototypes'' in two sizes, enlisting the services too of a certain toddler, aka 'chief slipper tester'. I adjusted the pattern template to suit the snagging points that cropped up and ended up re drawing my own template...and up-sizing it (not sure that's proper sewing terminology) to create a couple of larger sizes.
More enjoyable was researching the material. Wool was top of my list and I had fun ordering several samples of differing felts with different wool contents before finding one that worked well under the sewing machine, whilst also being soft enough for baby toes and sturdy enough to hold their shape without too much bulky interfacing (and needless to say, sturdy enough to withstand toddler treatment.)
I also laid my hands on some grippy sole fabric, for little walkers to toddle about slip-free.
The lining, so far has all come from my accumulated stash of best loved fabrics. 
 There's something very lovely about making clothes and shoes for babies and children, not something I had experienced until my own little one arrived. Something soothing and soulful to keep out the cold. And as part of the ongoing production line, I have opened a little Etsy shop this very day! Please pay a visit to The Sewing Tree Shop . You'll find a few pairs of pre-made slippers ready for purchase, as well as made to order options. The perfect Christmas and baby shower gift. I'm working with the slipper elves to increase stock and await your orders!

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