Monday, 14 October 2013

Autumn Ruminations.

A very wet weekend prompted several musings on what suitable attire I have for the change in temperature - and when I will get round to consigning a wardrobe of Summer skirts and dresses in to storage!

With a tempting selection of wools and wool jerseys appearing in my favourite sewing haunts, it is time to settle on a new project and it brought to mind a fabulous skirt that I made last year. Said skirt was a rather lovely Marcy Tilton pattern (V8499) and fashioned in honour of a special friend's wedding, just a few days after Christmas. It is the kind of pattern you come across and think 'why haven't I seen this before?!' I promptly set about the joyful task of choosing a wedding worthy fabric - ultimately a silvery grey taffeta.

It was fabulous fun to wear on the day, but alas has not been worn since! I think in part due to the rather 'occasion wear' nature of the fabric. Even making it at the time, I had it in mind that it would be a fabulous skirt in a winter wool and it has come to the fore again now that we have reached October ! I have since seen it made in tweed, as well as summer cotton and with inspired, contrast pockets. It shines just as brightly in all of the above and is a wonderfully versatile design.

Not only do I love the unique style of this skirt, but it was a pleasure to make and went together much quicker than anticipated. The bellows pockets give it an extra designer touch - and a nifty place for lipstick and tissues at a wedding !
I realise this post is a bit of an homage to Marcy Tilton's skirt designing prowess...however, just one of many musings that had to be shared, as I flick through my stash of Winter patterns and fabrics! Oh and finally, but not least (and with permission of Mrs L), a photo of the day itself ;o)

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