Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Touch of Glamour

Just need to have a little, (excited) shout about a special clutch bag gifted to me today by a rather talented and lovely friend, Vicky of 'Victory Stitches'. You may recall previous mention of said bag in a post on my sycamore seed dress. Hand crafted by Vicky using some of her splendid boiled wool and the remnants of my sycamore fabric, as of today dress and clutch bag are united in a pairing of perfection and glamour! The boiled wool feels fabulously cosy to hold and the size is perfect for a larger than average mobile (Galaxy Note), specs, money, essential sweeties and any required essentials !
I have to apologise to my dress in advance as this bag will also be seeing several outings without its dress partnership ; its inaugural outing being tonight, when it will be 'glamming up' jeans and glittery top for an evening in the Canterbury Festival's Spiegeltent.
Thank you, Vicky !
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