Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Check out My New Toy !

Having a 'serge' of excitement! And with the appalling pun out of the way, I officially declare my new overlocking habit, (or serging, as they say in the US) Ably assisted by my shiny new Bernina! Long overdue I know, but now that I have perfected my French seams and zig zag edges, I figured it was time.
And here's what it does !
Here's to neat, unfrayable, overlocked seams ! And even better for finishing off clothes for the little lady in my life, giving them strength for that extra bit of rough and tumble endured by children's clothes.

With an hour or so's 'Know Your Overlocker' session, I feel more at ease with the whole threading process, which in itself is what has given the Overlocker a bit of a bad press in the past. However, these days clever alterations have been made to the design of most newer overlockers to ensure greater ease of threading that hideaway Underlooper. Nonetheless, a steady hand, focus and trusty pair tweezers are still required for directing the thread for each needle and upper and lower looper, on its own correct path through the machine. (Feels a little like a game of 'Operation')

I've found then, that unless of calm disposition, it is best not to watch what is going on inside the machine, as all the running threads and crossing loopers get to work in what looks like a birds nest of disasterous consequences! Yet somehow, this poetry in motion as it turns out to be, produces a magical chain of overlocking from under the needle. No going back now ;o)

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