Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Baby News !

After a little hiatus on the sewing blog front, I return with happy news of the safe arrival of our little girl, Eloise Rose. Currently sucking and cooing in her bouncer next to me, (I think I've got about ten minutes before the next food alarm ;o) She's a honey and is managing to fill my days (and nights) quite adequately, so it may be a little while yet before the sewing machine gets my attention again. When it does however, I plan to turn my hand to some cute apparel for the little poppet.
Amongst recent sleep deprived musings, I was considering something I had read about babies recognising sounds they have been introduced to in the womb, usually cited is the accompanying music to tv programmes regularly watched by the mother, that the baby, in utero and when born, can then come to associate with Mummy's 'relax time'. Whilst it isn't really a new found theory, I am yet to test it out when I set the whirring thrum of the sewing machine going and see if it has any noticeable soothing affects!
Amongst the many lovely and cherished things for us about having a new baby, has been the amazing number of well wishes, love and gifts and amongst those some very thoughtful hand sewn and knitted

Our precious midwife (and now dear friend), knitted Eloise an adorable cardigan and matching hat, as well as a beautiful pink blanket, shown above. The pom pom cushion was made by me, as a first present from Mama ~ and the last thing I made on my machine before going into hospital have her. 
She is also soothed by the jingly bells in her new patchwork ball, painstakingly (and extraordinarily neatly!) hand sewn by another lovely friend. All things to be cherished...and inspired by ! I must get some knitting underway! But for now, I am summoned. :-)

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  1. And that reminds me........I must get on and crochet a little hat for Eloise. I'm looking forward to meeting her soon. Jxx



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