Monday, 31 March 2014

Making Your Own Fabric Covered Buttons.

I haven't really gone down the 'sewing tutorials' route on this blog - preferring to refer to other blogs when needed, but hey, I am now officially on maternity leave and conquering the weirdly odd sentiment of not having to work with a  bit of crafty button covering !

If you have not recognised the fabric already, these buttons are for the vast pockets of the Marci Tilton dress. It made sense - rather than going on a 'button search' (fun as those are !), to use some leftover fabric and make matching buttons for the pockets that blend in, whilst serving their purpose. These are so easy to do and with great results.

First off you need to purchase a set of plain, ''self cover' plastic buttons in the size of your choosing, (I went for 29mm/1 1/8 inches) You don't require any tools with these self cover buttons. They have a separate back that is pushed on once your fabric is in place and keeps the button securely covered.

Next you need to cut out rough circles in your chosen fabric, a little larger than the button you are covering This is to allow for the fabric wrapping round the whole of the button and to be secured underneath the plastic plate on the back. 
If you are working with patterned fabric, you may wish to pick out a matching detail for each of the buttons, as above. or you can choose a different detail for each if they are in a row, like the little 'sweetie' buttons below, the choice is yours !
Next you need to run a few loose, tacking stitches around the edge of your fabric piece, leaving the tails long. A great tip here is to dampen the fabric at this stage. This helps your fabric covered button to be crease and crinkle free. As the fabric dries it tightens around the button with a smooth finish. 
With the fabric dampened, you can pull the ends of the threads to gather the fabric around the button, so that it looks like a little Wonton dumpling.
Next, with all the hands you have...! you need to hold the fabric around the button in place, keeping the tightness by holding onto the end of your threads, whilst securing the plastic plate onto the back of the button, tucking away the gathered fabric. Push it on hard until it clicks or you can tell it is secure.
And there you have it ! Self-made, fabric covered buttons to use as you choose.

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