Friday, 12 July 2013

And Fifties Florals !

I wouldn't normally expect to be posting an entry on the Hampton Court Flower Show on a dressmaking blog! However, on this year's annual visit, our entry into the RHS Floral Marquee was greeted by another celebration of fabulous Fifties Fashion, to tie in with the anniversary of the Coronation. Vogue pattern 2962, (a design from circa 1957) was on display in full glory, in a bold and blousy, peach floral to announce the 2014 Rose of the Year, Lady Marmalade.

Elsewhere, other exhibitors and mannequins graced the fifties vibe with full skirted prom dresses and the Jane Packer Fifties High Street came complete with tearoom, florist, parfumerie and ladies accessories shops.  With several years of war rationing that included a squeeze on fabrics, needles and threads, the post war explosion in the way dressmaking fabrics were used heralded multitudes of pleats, gatherings, folds and full circle dresses in a triumphant celebration of new excess, over limitation - perhaps most noticeably showcased by the US and its glamorous icons of the silver screen. Expressed here by the Floral Marquee in a profusion of colour, fashion and flowers, it was an inspirational treat that found me utterly in my element!

Vogue 2962
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