Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sewing in the Sun

Have enjoyed a rather fabulous morning spent away from the laptop with a best friend (and fellow dressmaking enthusiast.) What better way to spend a sunny Thursday morning, than to throw open the patio doors and bring out the sewing machines for an exchange of chatter and sewing inspiration.

It was also a productive one in that my toile is now complete and with happy results! The added pleats are doing what I asked them to!
And the overall fit is good, with just a bit of taking in at the waist required. The gathering at the shoulder and waist yokes is a bit tricky to achieve with a heavier curtain lining fabric and will look prettier once I get to work with my 'easier to handle' floral fabric. Despite my impatience, (excitement!) to get started with my actual fabric for the dress, the toile has been a useful exercise. Hooray ! Now onto the good stuff...a quick iron of my coveted fabric and on to the real thing!
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  1. Good to see the Husqvarna in the picture ;-) - still going strong?

  2. Its the bee's knees. I love it. Top recommendation ! x



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