Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Floral Inspiration.

My little corner of rural Kent is looking stunning at the moment. A drive back from Canterbury takes me past blanket fields of oil seed rape of the strongest yellow, bordered at the edges by contrasting red poppies. My garden has sprung into life with a show of poppies the size of large teacups and purple alliums exploding like small fireworks. It put me in mind of some of the very tempting floral fabrics on the scene at the moment, waiting to be crafted in to Summer attire! A bit of a hard core Amy Butler fan I have already made three skirts in her fabulous poppies and floral prints. Sure it won't be long before something else catches my eye. I digress however! First I have my lovely purple vintage floral for which the toile is working out promisingly well. Next post on that very soon.

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