Monday, 27 May 2013

The Instant Gratification Skirt!

My wardrobe plays host to an extensive line in simple A-Line skirts of which I am very proud, not least because that is where it all started! It was New Look 6758 that got me out of my confidence funk, to breaking out my Husqvarna machine from its box.
To my mind this pattern is the perfect beginner's pattern with a simple ‘front and back’, no darts and it is up to the user whether they put in an elasticated waistband, a normal zip or conquer the art of a concealed zip at this stage. It also becomes the ideal skirt to make when you need the satisfaction of a fast turnaround!.  It is one for making several times over in your favourite florals and for pulling out on a rainy day for further embellishment. Adding ribbon, patch pockets or velvet panels can all personalise this ultra simple skirt. I have also made it for my Mum in Moda’s delightful Sherbert Pips, ‘Girl on a Tree Swing’.

Sounds: Cheery Chiff Chaffs in the garden
Sustenance: Elderflower cordial


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