Monday, 27 May 2013


Burda 7517. I loved this pattern when I saw it, but found that the practicalities of wearing it presented a different scenario!  The pattern leaves a kind of open pleat over the bust line, which pulls out whenever you move or turn. Consequently, I was constantly straightening and adjusting around the seams at the bust. There have been similar comments on some of the pattern review sites and the suggestion that the photo on the pattern does not truly represent the dress. I would go some way to agree with this, but still think it is a very pretty and versatile dress. Just one that needs a bit of personal adjustment and tweaking to get the best fit.
Ultimately, I decided to continue the seam up to the neckline. It is much easier to wear now, with less self-conscious adjusting! I love the concealed ribbon coming out at the waist and it can be worn in countless different ways. It is also the perfect excuse for a VV Rouleaux inspired ribbon hunt.
 I have made it twice, once as a dress, and also as a shorter tunic version, both in a quintessentially soft and floaty, Tana lawn.
Sounds: Fauré, 'In Paradisum'
Sustenance: Pluckley Tea earl grey 
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