Sunday, 19 July 2015

Elastic Fantastic!

One of the first wardrobe staples of the little girl in the house last Summer, was a loose fitting top with elasticated neckline and raglan sleeves. It was one of the easiest things to slip over her head with minimum fuss and without any fiddly buttons...(for which I have to pick my moment !)
After a pretty poor first attempt at copying a pattern from one such top, (purchased from a well known baby care chain), I decided I would have another go this Summer...happily this time with greater success and a wearable outcome!
It was a fiddly task tracing round the existing top, whilst also holding the stretched out elastic neckline in place ! It is more workable with an extra pair of volunteer hands. I then added an extra inch to allow for the channel in which the elastic would sit. 
Having got the basic shape, I was able to tidy up my rather amateur looking drawing and set about creating a pattern piece for the sleeves. For this I measured all the way around them and then transferred measurements and design to paper.

I chose a lightweight summer floral to work with and having cut out the pieces, sewed front and back together, attached the raglan sleeves and then created the channel for my elastic. With an elasticated waistline, you can pretty much guess that using an inch less elastic than the waist measurement will give a snug and comfortable fit, With a neckline, it was pretty much a case of trial and error. I fed through more elastic than I knew I would need, attaching both ends in place with safety pins once all the way through and then tried the top on her, adjusting the elastic length until I had an evenly gathered neckline of the right size. 
I finished it off with a rolled hem on the overlocker and a little detail of lace trim. Its fits a treat and she looks cute as a button. Next stop, a longer version with pockets.

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