Sunday, 29 June 2014

The 'Eloise Dress'.

This week I enjoyed some fabric browsing in the lovely Sewing Shop, Canterbury. Pram safely installed in the shop and Eloise happily cooing with the lovely Aideen, it was a chance to peruse the gorgeous children's prints. Needless to say it wasn't long before I fell upon something gorgeous. Created by Dashwood Studio, a London based textile design company and from their Wildwood series, it incorporates cute hare, fox and owl motifs amongst fairytale trees and flowers.
My first attempt at a dress for Eloise was again a pattern-free adventure ! Seems to be becoming a bit of a habit. I was using a top that she owns already (from a well known baby and child chain!) as my source of inspiration.
It was a rather organic process, (as with my recent tunic top - see previous post) and I was feeling my way a bit - well most of the way ! The end result is actually pretty far removed from its first creative musings, as I veered further off piste following instinct, inspiration and idea towards an unknown end ! Eloise kindly obliged with fittings. There are things I will change next time and a couple of design issues to address, but as a first attempt I am pretty pleased ;o)

Modelled by Eloise Rose.

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