Monday, 3 February 2014

Sewing for Bump and the Spring.

After some musing, I am finally on top of what I am sewing for my next project. After a trawl through baby patterns for sleep suits and other items, I was gently reminded that sewing should be about self...especially when it looks as though cost of fabric, pattern and time to make a baby sleep-sack will exceed the cost of buying one! Or in this case having already being given and lent what I might need! And so it is that I came to be making another dress for me, of the kind that will nurture a growing baby bump and keep me respectfully covered, as well as offering ongoing wear after baby's arrival. By the way, the opening picture is not a random addition but a pic of the final version of New Look 6022 pairing a heavy cotton with a grey velvet panel - also made in mind for bump accommodation, but already a little challenged at the seams. 

So, after all that searching for the perfect maternity dress pattern (which I never found), there it was all along, a fab Marcy Tilton pattern, V8813. It uses fabric of generous proportions for coolly floating around in in the Summer months, (or indeed for slipping a baby bump cosily underneath). 
Vogue8813, Marcy Tilton

In fact, this pattern is one that I have had in The Sewing Tree fabric and pattern stash for some time, but never quite got round to making. Since then, it has been fabulously put together by two sewing companions showing just how versatile and wearable a pattern it is. Marcy Tilton's own blog divulges that this pattern was inspired by a reader's request for her to design something with a ''French vintage house dress' vibe. The deep pockets are a fabulous feature, (you could comfortably fit a few baguettes in there) and I can never resist a quirky Marcy Tilton pocket, (see also Marcy Tilton bellows skirt on previous post) Bonus - I also get to go button shopping,
A little further rooting around also procured some lightweight fabric that I had purchased in Vietnam just over a year ago. Having sat patiently awaiting its purpose, it will  now bring my charcoal grey/ mustard yellow Winter fixation into the Spring with its soft primrose yellows and grey.
Being that this is quite a fabric-hungry pattern, (in order to achieve its lovely draping comfiness), I quickly realised I was a bit short on fabric. Quite a long trip back to Ho Chi Minh City for that extra metre, (if I were ever to re-find it amongst the towering pillars of fabric in Ben Tanh Market!) and so I am making the central panel in a contrast, block yellow which turns out to be a perfect match with the grey.
So, all set ! Onwards.

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