Thursday, 22 August 2013

Remnants, Offcuts and Scraps !

In a large box filled with sewing patterns, roughly sketched ideas, copied patterns, and general sewing paraphernalia, resides another bag. In it are contained those offcuts and scraps of fabrics long since transformed into wearable items and now oddly shaped vestiges of their original, neatly cut form. Often they are too small to lend themselves to any immediate useful purpose (more bunting anyone ?!), yet large enough to be wasteful in throwing away.
 However, having recently been taken at my word when suggesting that a medieval style bench would be a new lease of life for some wooden sleepers lingering at the back of the shed, I now feel I should take myself at my own word and furnish said bench with some newly hewn cushions. 
It is quite possible that the cushions will feature different fabric pieces on each side given their wonderfully asymmetric nature - perhaps even differing fabric on the same side! Nonetheless, it will be a joy to see them freed from their ''bag in the box'' and transformed again into something to be used and enjoyed.

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