Monday, 3 June 2013

Fabric Crush !


Having a little love affair with some gorgeous new fabric purchased a few weeks ago from the lovely ladies at The Sewing Shop, Canterbury. Not quite sure how I managed to so lovingly admire it and then walk away from the shop empty-handed the first time round! I think I got caught in a self imposed, 'I'll come back for it when I know what I want to make with it' moment. I was back the next day however and am now coveting its' vintage floral, purple gorgeousness ~ and still pattern pondering as to what shape it will take.

I would like a dress with a bit of interest, perhaps some shirring, pleating at the neckline, extra fabric at the back of the skirt style perhaps...Think it may be a tall order to find a pattern with all my favourite dreamy notions in one dress, so will be a case of finding one that serves as a good base camp, and then getting creative ! One day soon I will pluck up the courage to create my own pattern. It's time.
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  1. Love your pix Sarah! Look forward to seeing what you choose to do!

    1. Thanks Geno! Finally settled on New Look 6069 and planning to do a more 'stage by stage' posting of progress ;o) x



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